Practitioner's guide


What is the meaning of Vinyasa ?

The sanskrit word vinyasa has two roots : nyasa which means "to place" and vi which means to "do in a specific way". Then Vinyasa can be translated as puttinf things in a certain manner.

In Vinyasa Yoga we link the postures the postures using the breath. It creates a flow more or less dynamic and acts like a moving meditation. 

What can I expect during a Vinyasa Yoga class ?

Even if the traditional principles of yoga are always respected, each class is different as we do not have fixed sequences like in Ashtanga Yoga for example. 

However the class traditionally begins with a moment during which you are encouraged to recenter on your breath. After that you will be guided through connected postures and counter-postures to finally rest for a while.

During the class your teacher will help you find variations of the postures so that they will suit you. 

What benefits can I expect after the Vinyasa classes ?

Physically, Vinyasa yoga helps you getting stronger, toning up, getting more stamina but also improving balance and flexibility, releasing all tensions. Those physical benefits in turn work their way through the mind which calms down: thus you deal better with stress and emotions.

What are the benefits of Prenatal yoga  ?

Pregnancy is a very important period as you will face physical and hormonal changes.

Prenatal yoga can help you living those changes with ease through adapted techniques respecting the stage of your pregnancy. Through those techniques you will smooth your tensions - physical and mental -, relieve your discomforts (back pain, digestive issues, bad blood circulation, sleep problem, anxiety...), but also prepare your body and your mind for the labor learning to balance your breath, to work with your perineum and opening your pelvis.

You will then enjoy a privileged moment with yourself and your future child !

Good to know ?

The classes are open to all levels and you can begin at any moment during the year.

If you want to attend a prenatal yoga class but you are not a regular practitioner it is advisable to wait until the end of the first trimester to begin. You will need to have the agreement of you doctor before beginning. Note: the prenatal classes do not replace birth preparation classes.

For prenatal yoga, if you want to come with someone, no problem ! She or he will only pay CHF 10.-/class.