Tea & Yoga
2:00 PM14:00

Tea & Yoga

Before the Christmas holidays take a moment to relax.

Join Caiyun, Master of tea, and myself Saturday December 8 from 2 pm until 4 pm for one hour of relaxing yoga followed the traditional Chinese tea ceremony that will anchor you in your state of calmness.

Price: CHF 50.-

Address: 13, rue Peillonnex, Chêne-Bourg (Tram 12-arrêt Peillonnex)

Spots are limited so subscribe quickly!

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Workshop for Kalaweit: free your hips
11:00 AM11:00

Workshop for Kalaweit: free your hips

Come and discover that with a playfull attitude you the impossible becomes possible.

What's the program? a flow guided by the breath that focuses on core strengthening, hip opening and hamstrings softening to help you get at your own pace and safely into the the splits, the posture of Hanuman the Monkey God.

Leaving your ego outside you will develop courage, patience and self confidence so that you can leap freely and happily into your life!

This course is designed for all levels and whatever your flexibility is as you will get keys and variations to get all the benefits of the class.

What's more? by following this workshop you contribute to save the gibbons - members of the great apes family - and their habitat in Indonesia as all the benefits will be given to the Kalaweit organisation.

Prix: CHF 45.-

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11:00 AM11:00

Spring class

Come enjoy 1h30 of vinyasa yoga to let go with a playful mind and enter spring with joy !

What's the program ? a flow that focuses on core strengthening and hip opening whithout forgetting the warming up of the wrists and the shoulders to help you get into the eight angle pose (astavakrasana) at your own pace using your own breath and my alignment tips.

This course is designed for all levels as you will get variations to get all the benefits of the class.

Price: CHF 30.- (you can use your card for this class)

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